It’s Going To Be Ok

Remember with me to back in 2009 when Micheal Jackson dies.Also when the first African president was sworn in to office. Even the moment when Kanye West stole Taylor Swift’s glory and said Beyoncé deserved it more. All of this was 10 years ago. The iPhone 3 came out in 2009 now we have the iPhone 11.

Things have advance so quickly in the last 10 years we all have had our share of ups and downs. Times where we were counted out by individuals who thought we weren’t going to make it. I look at these past years as evidence that I can make it and nothing will ever stop me. Look at where you are now and thank God that the last 10 years didn’t take you out. To be transparent these last 10 years were full of emotional rollercoasters from losing my closet grandparent, figuring out who I am and learning how to adjust through the pain.

As the year is about to close and we are about to close out a decade of our lives. I bet there were moments that you didn’t even think you could really make it but if you are reading this you made it. Meaning just get excited about how your next ten years will be the best ten years of your life. Knowing that everything will be ok if you came through worse before it will be a breeze the next decade of your life.