What motivates your marketing?

This week was a huge celebration not only for football fans but for all fans of marketing as well.

This past Sunday we saw the best of the best when it comes to marketing. While watching those million-dollar ads I couldn’t help but think “is it worth the money?”

If you study the motivation behind their super Sunday advertisements you’ll find the reason for spending so much money just for 30 seconds.

A lot of big companies like Google & Volkswagen don’t need to buy the ads just to persuade you to purchase or to use their products. Their goal is to instill emotions. Many people are still discussing their favorite commercial not because they want to go out & spend money but it’s because that commercial left a lasting impression worth talking about for days even weeks.

So my question to you: how do you want people to feel when they see your commercials or your logo? What impression are you leaving with your social media posts? Once you can answer those questions then you will know how to communicate with your audience.

Everyone needs help getting started. Contact us & we can work with you to craft an effective marketing strategy. Invest in you! Invest in your brand!

Email: DWilburn@TransitioningYou.com


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