As many of us work from home it’s important to continue to focus on your goals. I like to think of this quarantine period as a moment of divine isolation. Isolation allows us to reflect. 

Reflect on the things that work well for your business and those things that didn’t go quite as planned. For the good things, look for improvements. How can you make it better? For the bad things, don’t ignore them. Analyze why it did not work and what can you do to change the outcome. Many new business owners will say there are a lot of growing pains. However, the key is how you grow from the pain. (see what I did there)

On the other hand, if this isolation is causing you to think about some dreams you put on hold- this is your time to activate your dream. Start that business. Write the book. Make plans to finish school. Whatever your goal is…DO IT! Do not allow this isolation period to pass by and you are still in the same dream stage of “I wish I could have.” 

Transition your dream into reality. 

*We all need an accountability partner to keep us focus right? Contact The Transition to discuss our quarantine specials on a business plan and marketing strategy guidance. 


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