About Us

The Transition specializes in helping businesses re-brand by studying demographics. We use that research to strategize the most efficient way to increase the brand’s target audience. We can help boost your brand on all digital media platforms. Online marketing is the new age of “word-of-mouth.” 
Recent studies show a lot of businesses fail within the first year because they lack the knowledge of how to accurately brand themselves. Our goal is to help you succeed and help your business increase popularity and revenue.

The Transition thrives on seeing other business owners and businesses win big!

Meet The Founders

Cardell D. Davis

Cardell Davis is a Chattanooga native who graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2017. I have been an entrepreneur for the last three years. During that experience, I have gained a more profound passion for the love of marketing and enhancing businesses.

The knowledge that I have gained has allowed me to appreciate all of those who entrusted me with their dream, which I could turn into reality. I have great potential to excel in any aspect. With other businesses I have worked for, they have stated that through my arduous work and dedication, I brought more awareness to their business’s environment. My sole mission is to help every business I encounter to reach its fullest potential with hard work and commitment. When I’m not working, my hobbies are hanging with my family and friends and hiking, and going on new adventures.

My goal is always to expand my horizons and achieve higher experiences. A quote that I live by is, “If the old door isn’t opening, then let me help you build a new door that will open for you.” In other words, if the old setup isn’t working, let me assist you in making a new set up. This passion that I have will spill into any part of your vision that you have. My ultimate goal is to see you transform your mindset and the way you perceive your business.

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Danielle J. Wilburn

I am a Tennessee native living the California dream 🙂

Before moving to California in 2020 I was the morning executive producer at WRCB-TV in Chattanooga, TN.  I moved to East Tennessee after spending nearly three years in Jackson, TN as the 6:00 p.m. producer during my first year and was later promoted to the 10:00 p.m. show and the senior producer. With all of  my accomplishments in my career, I decided to focus on my passion and my purpose. I love to motivate others to be great. As a result, The Transition and Just Faith It were born! The Transition,  allows me to push others to their highest level of greatness through the power of proper marketing and brand management. I win when people around me win. Just Faith It is a message given to me by God.  I believe it’s God’s way of sharing His word through His vessel. 

I studied at the University of Memphis, as a student of journalism. I studied broadcast media. I immersed myself into the world of journalism. As a result, you can call me a “news junkie.”

Along with my passion for news media, I am a connoisseur of literature and music. I like to escape into the writing of such prominent, contemporary authors such as Sister Souljah. Also, I love music! My taste in music ranges from jazz to gospel and beyond. The powerful lyrics and breathtaking vocals of artists, such as Whitney Houston, spark my enthusiasm for creativity.

However, my primary motivation comes from my mother. I aspire to exude my mother’s undying sense of wisdom and strength in everything I do.

A quote that keeps me going is “trust the process.” When you’re going through the process, there will be pain, frustration, and even disappointments. However, the key is learning from the journey so that you’re ready to handle the victory at the end of the battle. The greatest Transition happens after a process.

Photo credit: Stephanie Petty Photography
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