Branding 101

Transition Your Mindset: Week 1

There are some key steps you must take before you can transition your brand. Acknowledge the need for change  Create a realistic plan Execute  Notice the words in bold are all verbs. If we go back to English class a verb is a an action word. Action words mean you must act! You cannot Transition […]

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The Evidence of I Can

We all in life try things to see if we like them or not. It’s the factor of I think I can or I know I can. We all approach situations blindly not knowing which way the outcome will manifest. When we are in the mind set of I think I can it puts us […]

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You control your transition

When it comes to doing what we really want to do we often fall short of achieving that goal. Sometimes we blame time. A popular saying for many: “I’ll do it when the time is right. Other times we let people influence our growth. But ultimately the reason for not pursuing our dream is FEAR. […]

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Branding 101

Importance of investing in YOU! Many people will post “new year, new me” on Facebook, Instagram and other media platforms. Some will even post resolutions. Have you ever thought about what that really means? A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something.  If your goal in 2019 is to lose weight, […]

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