During this time in the world, we just need to smile. We need a good laugh and we need to be loved. We all see what is around us but you can’t let those things you see consume you. On social media platforms and all on television, we are doused with the worries of what if. What if this happened or that happens. Worrying your self with this brings a strain on the mind and causes a panic.

Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Look beyond this and know that instead of looking at this situation as a loss look at what is going to happen when it’s all over. We are all experience things in life that we never thought we could have defeated. But we overcame every adversity and we will do it again.

Remember this, it will be ok! Tell the people that you love and care for that you love them. Fix broken relationships with people if it brings you happiness. Just look for the good in everything and watch how you can look past your current obstacle.

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