We all in life try things to see if we like them or not. It’s the factor of I think I can or I know I can. We all approach situations blindly not knowing which way the outcome will manifest.

When we are in the mind set of I think I can it puts us in the mind set of doubt. When doubt kicks in our mentality has been compromised. We then begin to think that we are not worthy of that outcome of the situation. For example, say you are going out with your friends to an event that you don’t really want to go to but you tell your friends I think I can go. But that’s something that is not for sure your haven’t set in stone.

But when you use the phrase yes I can it put authority on the situation. It gives a sense of direction that what ever I say I can do will happen. One thing in life if you can speak it with authority and clarity then you just have to sit back and watch it happen. That is something in business that a owner has to have a mind to believe that anything that is placed before them is a I CAN mindset. Business is never going to be easy nor will it be too hard to handle as long as you know that you can overcome the obstacle. The real evidence of knowing that you can is to to take every small victory as a major win. For if you were to only get one more client and if you were to get one more supporter always remember that one more interaction can take you to a whole new level.

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