Do I really need a digital marketing team? 


Properly branding online gives you an instant advantage over your competition. Digital marketing is made up of three key categories: web/social media, analytics research and a strong plan.

Web/social media: when you leave your home chances are you always have your smartphone with you. That simple fact means a poor presence online puts you step behind the rest of the world. Building your social media influence allows you to broaden your reach.

Analytics research: when many businesses first start out they just start posting randomly on Facebook or Instagram but believe it or not there is a technique behind social media. Randomly posting is the equivalent of throwing a dart with a blindfold; you’re basically hoping you hit your target. However when you have a strong marketing team on your side like The Transition, you can get the most up-to-date numbers that would allow you to target a specific audience & help you reach your overall goal which is to expand the reach of your brand.

Marketing plan: Once your marketing team has completed its research and you now know your specific audience, The next goal is to create a plan detailing how to consistently reach them. This is probably the most important part of digital marketing. You can create all the social media accounts and you can do all of the research however if you’re not using those two components to create a powerful plan your work becomes pointless.

Now if this post made you think then the answer to our first question is yes! You definitely need a digital marketing team to help you plan for a successful 2020.

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