What Does “get ready” really mean?

Before you can birth a business, you first have to be ready. The definition of “be ready” does not mean “getting ready” when your moment to shine comes. It means you already have a plan.   I am reminded of a quote used often by my mentor, Oprah Winfrey; “There is no such thing as luck. Luck is being prepared when the moment of opportunity comes. “

To put it all into perspective, an expecting mother does not wait until the baby comes to buy a crib. The nursery is already set and waiting on the birth. You have to set yourself up for success. If you’re going to go through the pressure of birthing a business why not prepare during the pregnancy?! Make moves NOW! No need to wait on that perfect moment. Have your business plan ready NOW! See yourself being a successful business owner. If you don’t root for yourself, who else will? Encourage yourself. Push yourself to be greater than you are right now.

Once you are in the space of “ready” stay ready! Stay Hungry for more. Never become satisfied on your current level. ALWAYS aim for the next. Aiming for greater will keep your focus on fire, and it will help you continue to move forward.

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