We set goals in life and in business to help us stay on track. We always feel like we need a road map to get us where we are trying to go. The way things happen, situations sometime places us off course of where we are trying to go. Then we get disappointed and do not want to continue on the map that was created. These obstacles truly challenge us to see if we believe if it is going to really happen.

One thing we are going to have to understand is, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! We have to stay positive in the mindset to get the things that we want out of life and keep the faith. I believe the philosophy of what you believe is what you will attract.

Go in back in time with me. It’s nearly Christmas and your parents told you to pick out what you want. You pick out the stuff that you really want then up until that very day you are excited and anticipating that what your said you wanted is what you was going to get. That is the same thing in life you have to wake up everyday knowing that what you wrote on your list is going to happen.

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