Don’t let your circle kill your dream(s).

Many of us have aspirations, dreams, goals, whatever you want to call it we’re all striving to do something. Now, our “something” can be different. Some people aim to be greater. Some want to remain content on their current level. Some, believe it or not aim to be basic because they can’t see beyond where they are right now. This blog is for all of the BIG dreamers.

You have that crazy idea in mind and you’re anxious for the world to see it. Yes, this blog is for you. As you plan to birth your dream you have to watch the company you keep. Everybody can’t chill in your delivery room. A lot of times our circle of friends and family can kill our dreams. Sometimes it’s because they fear the unknown. Others may not want you to surpass them.

The Transition would like to give you the key to achieving your wildest dream. You ready? Remember this: Your faith in yourself and in your dream will fuel your success. Don’t wait on the affirmation from others. Waiting for other people to realize the value of YOUR dream could delay your blessing. Make sure you have a positive circle surrounding you. While you’re birthing your idea you need some strong faith-filled people in your delivery room who can encourage you to push when it gets hard. They will motivate you to push when you want to stop and take a break.

They say birds of a feather flock together…watch who you’re flying with…everyone can’t handle your altitude.

You can’t flock with everybody #PERIOD

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