When it comes to doing what we really want to do we often fall short of achieving that goal. Sometimes we blame time. A popular saying for many: “I’ll do it when the time is right. Other times we let people influence our growth. But ultimately the reason for not pursuing our dream is FEAR.

So imagine, if you could eliminate fear RIGHT NOW how would you achieve your goal? The truth is F.E.A.R represents false evidence appearing real. That simply means you are in a courtroom. It’s you vs. the world and you have built a case against yourself filed with false evidence.

Exhibit A: Timing is not right
Exhibit B: Someone is already doing what I’m trying to do
Exhibit C: What if I fail?

When a shift is necessary we often become a afraid not because we don’t want change or to be better but it boils down to us being afraid of what’s on the other side of the shift. Whether your source your faith stems from an higher power or it’s faith in yourself, It’s time to Transition and allow faith to overpower your fear.

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